Work as A Travel Nurse In San Diego With Millenia Medical Staffing

Story by Milenia Medical Editor / June 20, 2016

When you are interested in switching careers and becoming a travel nurse, look to Millenia Medical to find the best positions at the best medical facilities. We staff travel nurses across California with some of the most elite centers in the state and provide you with top pay and benefits. Check out available travel nursing positions in San Diego California and other parts of the state when you are ready to start your new career.

Millenia Medical Staffing has many different types of RN positions available in San Diego. These positions are available with contract lengths between four weeks and twenty six weeks. If you are already a native Californian, then you can take a longer contract at a facility that you like. However, if you are considering relocating but are worried about job fit and environment, you can worry less by taking a shorter term contract.

We offer top pay rates, insurance benefits, weekly payroll and we also reimburse you for your travel expenses. When you first travel to your contract, reimbursement comes in your first paycheck. The same goes for when you complete your contract and return home, your travel reimbursement is included in that pay period. We strive to provide the best benefits and customer service to our traveling nurses. When you are ready to start a new career as a travel nurse, make sure you check out Millenia Medical Staffing. We make your choice for medical staffing easy with our exceptional benefits plans. Call us today at 888-686-687 to apply for San Diego travel nursing jobs.


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